NEXTCLINICS Services GmbH mit Sitz in Bregenz beschäftigt sich mit dem weltweiten Vertrieb von Verbrauchsmaterialien für IVF Zentren. 

Daneben sind wir Generalvertreter von ‚Vitrisafe‘ einem Vitrifikationssystems für Eizellen und Embryonen.




Corona - Covid-19 epidemic

Corona has once again started the discussion about possible contamination of oocytes and embryos by contaminated or infected LN2 when using open systems for cryopreservation.

With this in mind, we started developing the VitriSafe as a closed system almost 20 years ago, because we could not imagine getting a CE approval with such a risk. Nevertheless, well-known manufacturers have obtained this approval while negating this risk.

Since we have shown with the VitriSafe that even with a closed system at least equally good results can be achieved respectively for oocytes and embryos, despite the slower cooling rate, and that handling is simple and safe, we do not consider it responsible to continue using open systems in view of the current

Corona / Covid-19 epidemic.

VitriSafe also makes it possible to easily disinfect the area where the straw is going to be cut, while guaranteeing the viability of the oocytes and embryos.

It would be necessary to communicate this more strongly to the embryologists and to point out that the VitriSafe is a closed system that has proven for years that it is easy to use and that excellent results can be achieved just as well as with open systems.



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